Industrial automation brings many benefits. However, centralised, remote monitoring and control of critical components, systems and processes means remote adversaries now have attack surfaces to access network-connected systems.

OT encompasses ICS (Industrial Control Systems), DCS (Distributed Control System) and SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition). The risks of successful OT attacks are frightening. Critical national infrastructure, public transport, utilities and telecommunications, are just some of the areas that, if compromised, cause catastrophic consequences for a large number of the population. 

We support constant integrity and availability of systems and data through enhanced testing regimes, 24×7 monitoring for threats and attacks, and secure software and hardware development on your OT systems. Through our experience, our consultants will guide you safely through the process of manually testing your live and production environments, taking you on an OT security maturity journey.

Commissum’s consultants have been testing and protecting production life-safety critical OT systems in the harsh environment of the North Sea Basin and the Scottish Western Isles for many years. Our first-hand experience means you no longer have to worry about facing tough challenges – we’ll take care of it for you.