Cloud Migration

The on-premise infrastructure argument is dwindling. With public cloud providers like Microsoft Azure, AWS, Google Cloud, providing hyper-resilient platforms and services for development, test and production environments that are deployable in seconds, meaning organisations can build services faster than ever before.

Although providers offer some security controls, it is ultimately down to you to secure your systems in the cloud. Just like traditional systems, cloud environments are also susceptible to security misconfigurations, weaknesses and threats. The ability to configure and deploy systems at the touch of a button means cloud has its own new set of unique security risks and attack surfaces that must be addressed.

Whether you are at an early stage in your cloud migration journey: considering a move, migrating, or those who are already benefitting, and optimising, we provide world-beating technical assurance and visibility over potential threats or weaknesses in your environment, as well as recommendations on addressing these issues.

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