Security Awareness

Poor security behaviour is still the number one weakness attackers use to bypass an organisation’s defences. Phishing, and other types of social engineering, still provide easy pickings for adversaries.

Your security relies on your employees as well as your technical solutions and other measures. But how do you train your coworkers on what to do and how to behave consistently? 

Security awareness training equips all users, from the board to the shop floor, with the knowledge they need to protect both themselves and the organisation from loss or damage arising from a cyber attack or an accidental email. Awareness of the tricks and techniques that attackers use, how to detect them and defeat them is key to protecting your organisation.

Training is best delivered regularly and in an informative and entertaining way. However, it can be difficult to manage and achieve all requirements simultaneously. Commissum’s approach to awareness training is to plan the scope and content for each user group, in a curated way that supports their role and the risks they face, then we deliver the content via multiple channels, closely tracking metrics and knowledge retention through various feedback mechanisms and simulations, enabling you to demonstrate ongoing and improving compliance with security policy, return on training investment, as well as improving organisational security.