Source Code Review

Build secure applications faster by analysing code and coding out vulnerabilities earlier in the SDLC.

As software development becomes faster and easier through Agile and DevOps, poor source code is becoming more and more of a security challenge. 

Open source libraries and modern developer frameworks are great for speed but there is rarely good governance placed on developers to ensure the code is free of bugs and integrations with other parts of the application are secure.

Source code reviews help by hunting for security flaws overlooked in the initial development phase that leave your application open to attack. Vulnerabilities or threats that are difficult to detect during a penetration test can also be identified during source code reviews, including encryption weaknesses, race conditions, logic bombs and even backdoors.

Commissum takes a unique approach building on its wide array of commercial and custom built toolsets to Source Code reviews by adding expert manual analysis to verify tool output, adding context to reports and supporting developers to remove systemic coding errors and flaws. 

By reviewing both architecture documentation and source code, Commissum identifies security flaws in the application design and produces a threat model of the application. This creates reusable template documentation that guides the security model of the application going forward, supporting application security investments in a business focused way.