Red Team

Improve your detection and response capability. Stop attackers gaining access to your data. Understand and measure your resilience to cyber attacks.

Knowing your organisational detection, response and recovery capability against a cyber attack is crucial. Commissum’s unique real world attack simulations allow you to understand your current risk profile and how to adapt your cyber defences accordingly.

Red team engagements and other simulation exercises build on security testing and other controlled assessment activities by covertly taking the kill chain further, as an attacker would do, offering a realistic understanding of your organisation’s security posture and maturity, including people, process, and physical measures.

Our approach

Our offering and proprietary methodologies deliver a high ROI in this area unlike our competitors. The deep integration and collaboration between our technical testers, SOC cyber defensive operations and our Red Team practice means we are constantly evolving the service to meet the ever-changing nature of Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs) and organisational requirements. We deliver the service to meet a range of budgets and objectives across highly specific industry verticals using internally developed tools and techniques.

“It’s fair to say that from the first security tests that Commissum performed, they have exceeded our expectations in some notable areas.”


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