Mobile Devices

In the business world, the rise of powerful, compact mobile devices has revolutionised how we work. We expect to be able to carry information and connect to systems everywhere.

Every single device is a potential inroad for an attacker – to the information on the device and your wider environment.

There’s an app for everything, with millions available for download they present a huge attack surface and an immature security ecosystem ripe for exploitation.

Mobile devices are no longer just smartphones and tablets. There are now myriad smart devices and wearables collecting, processing and storing private personal, financial and health data constantly, alongside traditional functions such as accessing cloud services and gaming.

As mobile devices become ubiquitous, they grow increasingly vulnerable to security issues and are some of the most desirable targets for malicious agents. With powerful hardware resources and permanently connected to the internet, making it difficult to protect them and their supporting ecosystems using the same security measures considered standard on workstations. The additional complications of corporate devices and BYOD make protecting mobile devices and apps a security nightmare.

We solve the challenge with a suite of controls and services, tailored to your unique requirements, ensuring you can take advantage of the latest technology to support remote working for your own staff and provide secure customer experiences.