Application Scanning

Find security vulnerabilities and uncover threats to your applications regularly or continuously using automation tooling across every platform.

Build SecDevOps into your development lifecycle and code out vulnerabilities before they get to a Penetration Test. Release features, code and fixes faster.

Innovate more and bring secure products and services to market quicker, staying ahead of your competition. 

There are multiple types of application scanning tools, all of which are important in keeping your applications secure.

Static Application Security Testing (SAST) – white-box testing that analyses both the source and byte code. SAST detects issues unlikely to be uncovered by a penetration test, early in the SDLC process.

Dynamic Application Security Testing (DAST) goes along with SAST testing and tests the application in a running state, simulating a real attack on applications. By performing an audit of the target, DAST exploits various vulnerabilities and detects low-hanging fruit before testing the application for more complex vulnerabilities. 

Both types of tools are an integral part of modern SDLC processes, saving you valuable time and resources. 

As businesses adopt a more agile approach in developing software, SAST and DAST scanning can be combined into a new family of tools, IAST.

Interactive Application Security testing (IAST) tools are becoming more common as the technology improves and Agile/DevOps becomes the standard practice for developing new software. 

IAST tools have existed for some time but have suffered from inconsistencies in their output quality due to the many ways that software is built and behaves, both at the front and back end. However, as innovative vendors have emerged the tools are increasingly providing better results with a good level of consistency. They must however always be supplemented with a Penetration test by a human to find vulnerabilities such as authorisation flaws and flaws in business logic only humans can find. IAST tools however provide a great way to find “low hanging fruit” allowing human testers to focus on the hard to discover vulnerabilities. 

Commissum provides single application scans right through to continuous, concurrent scanning of hundreds of live web applications. We also provide consultancy to assess and benchmark security processes within your SDLC and build your SecDevOps environments or build and run them for you as a managed service.

Whatever your application security requirements, we have you covered.