Managed Detection & Response

The average time to discover a data breach is more than six months, during which time irreparable damage may have been done to your business, assets, reputation and customers. Once discovered, organisations often find themselves not only facing huge fines, but that investigating what happened is impossible as so much time has passed and no evidence remains.

24/7 Managed Detection and Response actively monitors for potential threats, preserves evidence of all activity within your environment and uses this data to provide expert advice and support in preventing a data breach. By actively getting to know your environment and challenges, our analysts will tailor our monitoring to your needs, and will always be available to provide first line support, advice and assistance on any security issue.

You will receive regular incident reports explaining the findings in detail, providing ongoing monitoring to follow unresolved issues and confirmation that any remediation work has been successful. With access to your tools and devices, our experienced team will follow pre-agreed playbooks to allow them to remediate any threat before it develops into a major incident. All work carried out by analysts is logged in our ticketing system with optional integration with your own, giving you visibility over those watching over your network for you.