DRAMS – Domain Reputation & Abuse Monitoring

Your domain is one of your most important online assets. Not only is it how your customers identify and find you, but it is a key element of your organisation’s online identity. It ensures your organisational reputation across the underlying internet infrastructure, search engines and also to key stakeholders. 

Scammers and fraudsters are constantly trying to compromise the integrity of trusted domains, either through direct hacking, spoofing, or by registering similar domains in order to deceive victims. Having your domain compromised can quickly ruin your organisational online reputation, blacklisting you and stopping you being able to do any business. A more serious risk is that your domain will be used to serve malware, either via email or your website, and your staff could be convinced to run malware wreaking internal havoc. Our incident response teams regularly handle major incidents all caused by a malicious party faking their target’s domain name or, where they have received malware from a trusted domain that has been compromised.

Commissum’s DRAMs service monitors your domain to identify whether adversaries have registered similar domains and if they are operating any malicious or reputation impacting services from them. We also monitor dozens of sources to identify if your domain is serving malware and we constantly search the dark web and hacker forums to identify if your user credentials are being offered for sale or have previously been compromised. We establish not only that it has happened, but also what risks this might pose to your business, with mitigation strategies to reduce and protect your domain and user credentials going forward.