Cyber Incident Response

Cyber security breaches are fast becoming both the top risk and worst-case scenario for businesses, with both the direct and indirect impacts of a data breach being experienced in multiple ways. Prepare for any information security incident by knowing exactly who to call, at the right time.

Often, organisations believe they have correctly discovered the source of the breach, but an independent, forensic investigation conducted by our UKAS 17025 accredited lab can bring new evidence to light, meaning that other parts of your existing security structure can be evaluated and improved upon. 

Our approach ensures we find evidence of a data breach, discover the path used by the attacker and ultimately identify the security vulnerabilities that allowed the incident to happen, offering you remediation advice. By combining cutting-edge technologies with our experienced forensic investigators, Commissum will:

  • Effectively and efficiently react to a sign of compromise
  • Identify and remediate the root cause of a compromise
  • Understand the extent of a security incident
  • Manage the context of a breach, including communications to internal and external stakeholders
  • Communication with third parties, vendors and suppliers when required
  • Understand the overall attack and compromise lifecycle