Computer & Mobile Forensics

How do you preserve the integrity of your data to ensure that it isn’t tampered with or destroyed? A forensic investigation, conducted by our ISO17025 accredited lab, eliminates this risk, offering comprehensive advice, end-to-end investigations, and solutions in criminal, commercial, and corporate settings.

Digital data evidence is technically complex, with recovery and preservation of the data best left to the experts, who have the potential to uncover further useful information. Using innovative tools, specialist techniques and highly experienced forensic investigators, Commissum retrieves all relevant information, potentially discovering further evidence, from your devices, ensuring that it’s neither tampered with nor destroyed. The evidence is then analysed, giving you a holistic view into the incident. Due to the complexity of the data involved, our experts plan and structure the investigation to produce results that are of a court-approved standard.

Commissum continually upholds and maintains high quality standards and processes, ensuring that any digital evidence is preserved, and the best data given to the end user.

Chip-off Analysis

Using professional mobile phone forensic equipment, Commissum will recover data from damaged, faulty or working mobile phones when traditional methods have been exhausted or not possible.

We remove the chip in a secure manner from the circuit board and, once removed, using chip reading software we extract the full raw binary file and perform decoding. Not only does Chip-off allow forensic analysis on damaged devices but also permits greater data access and the bypassing of lock codes.

Types of Investigation

DrugsIncident response – malware/ransomware post-breach incident reportsData collections
Child sexual abuse exploitation (CSAE)FraudCloud collections
TraffickingIntellectual Property theft and data breachesEnd-to-end discovery solutions
FraudSecurely wiping devices
FirearmsEmployee misconduct
Independent investigation for DefenceEmployee leaver assurance