Data Protection & Privacy

Complying with myriad international data protection and privacy laws such as DPA2018 in the UK, GDPR & PECR in the EU, HIPAA in the US, PDPA in Singapore and many others in other jurisdictions can be a real headache. 

Many organisations struggle to understand accountability and privacy by design, including the effects on e-privacy and other regulatory requirements. 

Commissum’s team of international subject matter experts help you to navigate complexity and establish your current level of compliance, identifying necessary steps to achieve and address any areas which need to comply and support you in implementing necessary policy, process, and documentation. 

  • regulatory compliance gap analysis and roadmap – identify gaps in your current stance against compliance requirements of specific standards and legislation and provide recommendations
  • Implementation workshop – prepare  for the work required to achieve and maintain compliance and create a program and roadmap.
  • Virtual Data Protection Officer – a subject matter expert with specialist knowledge and business experience, able to advise on requirements, legal compliance, implementation and operation as well as specific items like conducting complex Subject Access Requests.

By understanding your data protection obligations and how personal data is used, stored and processed throughout your organisation, your ability to mitigate risks to the confidentiality of this data is greatly improved.

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