Cyber Due Diligence

Planning a merger or acquisition requires a forensic understanding of every aspect of the target business and the risk it carries. Cyber is no exception.

We ensure you understand the target organisation’s information security GRC, cyber strategy, controls, risk management and the implications this may have on future investment requirements. This also applies to any investments required to meet best practice or comply with regulatory obligations. We assist you in making critical assessments, with M&A focussed reporting, to ensure a fair investment avoiding unwanted post-completion surprises.

Commissum’s cyber due diligence service provides staged audit and advisory activity to support every step of the acquisition lifecycle, collaborating with multi-disciplinary stakeholder teams, including corporate finance, development and third-party advisory. This may be a one day expedited assessment at the beginning when researching initial viability, through to a forensic analysis of each aspect of the business for later stage due diligence from an expert, independent team.

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