Security must be optimised to keep your firm ahead of emerging and evolving threats and before they impact your organisation.

The legal sector faces unprecedented cyber challenges across the threat landscape – foreign intelligence services and nation states stealing intellectual property, well-resourced criminal gangs extorting ransoms, investigative journalists and malicious insiders, to name a few. The levels of cyber resilience required are already extremely high, before considering legal and regulatory compliance issues.

Legal technology is transforming the way the legal sector works, by bringing new efficiencies to keep fee-earners working through high value, billable time. Everything from AI in e-discovery to automated workflow and case management in the cloud means that the attack surface is incredibly wide-ranging. There is no perimeter. A zero-trust approach is necessary.

Our end-to-end service offering is one of the most comprehensive in the world, supporting everything from case work to cyber defence, to software development.