Healthcare continues to transform the way it delivers services, utilising cloud technology, data science techniques and AI to better serve patients and clinicians.

Healthcare data is often highly sensitive in nature, making them an attractive target for cyber criminals. Taking active steps into cyber security provides assurance to your patients, regulators and other stakeholders that you’re protecting the confidentiality, integrity and availability of data.

Cyber security is important in secure development and deployment of various intranet and internet connected products, such as Internet facing patient or healthcare services. Additionally, with the rise of IoT or Internet connected medical devices, the attack surface is increasingly complex to manage.  It is critical that healthcare data cannot be tampered with and access is limited only to authorised personnel.

Commissum has been a key cyber partner to many NHS organisations for several years, spanning specific digital and cyber transformation projects, protecting the systems used by every UK citizen and securely designing and deploying critical applications across COVID Test and Trace and also the vaccine rollout.