The compromise and disruption of energy value and supply chains by financially motivated criminals, Foreign Intelligence Services and Advanced Persistent Threats is highly valued. Defending against cyber threats in the energy sector has never been more challenging. 

Complex and networked engineering solutions, connected SCADA sensors and OT across both wired, wireless and satellite networks, as well as distributed and connected workforces, means the attack surface is sprawling and cyber resilience requires expert support.

Commissum protects and monitors the cyber security of data assets 24×7, allowing you to continue operating safely.

Starting in 2002 with O&G clients operating in the North Sea Basin, to today serving organisations globally across the O&G value chain including E&P, subsea and surface services. Downstream processing, engineering, logistics and retail, right through to trade bodies and groups, select us because we understand their business and how to protect them in a rapidly changing world.

Building on our strong reputation we now work across the energy sector including multi utilities, metering, renewables, battery technology, energy data and even nuclear fusion.