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Project Assurance for Fund Raising Campaigns | National Charity

Our client is one of the largest research and awareness charities and the world’s largest in their field. They raise funding and campaign to shape and establish policy for health related research.

Client Requirement and Business Drivers

The client’s fund raising activities, events and campaigns raise hundreds of millions of pounds every year to enable them to fund a large number of prominent research projects through donation, legacies, fundraising by individuals and communities, events, and partnerships in the corporate world. Research is conducted both by employees of the charity and a large number of institutes, universities and hospitals. Much of the research is world leading.

The client recognises the importance of its role in providing funding for these various research projects, many of which have yielded results that have helped to save lives around the world. The organisations that carry out this important research are highly reliant on this funding.

As part of the funding, many campaigns are run every year, very professionally, as projects that include development of on-line web sites and portals for both promotion and collection of donations. The assurance of these campaigns was identified as critical to the ongoing ability of the client to continue its work of delivering its life saving research funding.

This assurance was identified as essential to protect:

  • Timely and uninterrupted campaign launch
  • The ongoing availability of the campaign sites
  • The financial data including credit card data and the revenue generated itself
  • The personal information provided by donors
  • Overall confidence of the public and various bodies who are amongst the donors and upon whom the charity relies

Services Provided

The client selected Commissum as a partner for the ongoing assurance of its campaigns and projects.

Initially Commissum provided advice on introducing security into the campaign and project process. Starting from initial concept, through to final development and launch, the client has implemented pragmatic and simple checks to ensure that assurance is embedded in the process for each project.

On an ongoing basis, prior to each campaign go-live, Commissum carries out application and infrastructure security testing. In most cases this testing is carried out in a time critical environment where go-live dates are aligned with many other activities such as the start of sporting events or other fundraising activities.

Commissum has consistently demonstrated an ability to be flexible and pragmatic in assisting the client with achieving campaign launches amidst inevitable development pressures and hard go-live dates.

We provide security support to a number of charities. To see how we could help yours, get in touch.

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