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Ensuring Smooth & Secure Transition to New Core Banking System as Trusted Cybersecurity Partner to Cambridge Building Society

Cambridge Building Society (The Cambridge) is an independent mutual society which has been committedly serving the community since 1850. Currently their assets stand over £1.12bn, and in order to maintain their status as a trusted home for people wishing to save, The Cambridge is always looking for new ways to improve its security.


  • Clear collaboration between Commissum, The Cambridge and all parties involved to ensure thorough eradication of risks
  • Commissum’s tailored and adaptable approach met The Cambridge’s needs throughout the project
  • Clear reports distributed by Commissum to both technical and non-technical members of the project team were easily interpreted by all
  • Smooth, secure transition from old systems to cutting-edge applications and infrastructure thanks to Commissum input

The Challenge

In late 2014, The Cambridge was in the process of transitioning to a new core banking system provider. Being a financial institution, The Cambridge takes information security extremely seriously, therefore a critical component of the transition process was to verify the security of the new system was not vulnerable in any way to threats; it was vital that the applications and infrastructure hosting the new services were secure in order to facilitate adequate protection of The Cambridge’s members.

Commissum was invited to take part in a formal tender process, and following successful participation, were tasked by The Cambridge to provide an initial test plan and ongoing security programme which would provide a robust level of assurance pre go-live and give The Cambridge confidence in the new infrastructure’s ability to provide a sound platform for the society to work from in the future.

In order to carry out the work, Commissum would have to collaborate with all involved parties and The Cambridge to ensure a comprehensive understanding of the platform and any potential risks or threats attached. This required a tailored approach from the start, and Commissum would have to be versatile enough to answer The Cambridge’s unique needs for the duration of the project.

“It’s fair to say that from the first security tests that Commissum performed, they have exceeded our expectations in some notable areas. This has led us to partner with Commissum past our initial engagement. The service we receive from our account manager and the testing team remains as effective as the day we reached our agreement and we had no hesitation in recommending Commissum as a security partner.”

Dan Haynes, IT Manager at Cambridge Building Society

Service Provided

The Cambridge’s IT Manager, Dan Haynes, was impressed at Commissum’s versatility throughout the project as Commissum had structured all testing to meet the needs of The Cambridge specifically rather than trying to apply a rigid, one-size-fits-all testing regime from start to finish. The project was entirely constructed to fit The Cambridge’s unique requirements.

There was zero margin for error throughout the project, being that the applications involved were to be put into practice on The Cambridge’s members’ assets right away. Commissum understood that the security of the mortgages and savings of The Cambridge’s customers was of absolutely the highest priority, and all tests were rigorous and thorough to ensure comprehensive eradication of threats.

The security work undertaken on the core system application would determine if and when The Cambridge would take the project forward and eventually on to customers, so reports from Commissum were distributed to both technical and non-technical members of the project team. Dan explained that thanks to Commissum’s clear, concise, yet descriptive reporting, non-technical staff were able to quickly grasp the seriousness of any issues raised without need for extra technical knowledge. At the same time, Commissum’s reporting contained ample information for technical members of staff and third parties to understand and address any issues in a timely manner. This streamlined the entire process whilst also giving The Cambridge’s employees full transparency on the project.

Thanks to Commissum’s input in the project, The Cambridge was able to provide members and staff with a seamless transition to the new systems and infrastructure, whilst ensuring completely watertight protection of data. The service and support throughout the project led to The Cambridge electing to partner with Commissum on projects beyond the initial engagement.

Commissum are experts in building society information security. If you are looking to improve security at your financial organisation, please get in touch.

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