Building an Advanced Cybersecurity Capability for Global Oilfield Services Business ASCO Group

ASCO is an international oilfield support services business and the global leader in offshore supply base management. ASCO runs more bases, in more locations, for more customers than anyone else. With over 2000 staff and a turnover in excess of £700m they work for many of the world’s leading oil and gas companies and other major service companies with operations across four continents.

The Challenge

Information Technology performs many mission critical roles within ASCO, cyber security is therefore a top priority for them.

Jim Titmuss, Group IT&S Director explained that when he joined ASCO Group there were a number of high priority areas that needed to be addressed, and IT security appeared fairly high up that list. Therefore, ASCO Group needed to get a health check on the general IT security landscape from a partner that had a proven track record in this area.

Following a competitive process, Commissum was selected as ASCO’s security partner to assist with an initial project to help ASCO better understand their global information security risks and threats.

ASCO needed to understand their baseline so that they knew exactly which areas they needed to target security resource to realise the greatest return on investment.

ASCO needed to do the work within a challenging timeframe and had to ensure they selected a trusted expert to partner with due to the critical nature of the subject.


  • Added value by recommending low or zero cost improvements
    through process and policy based solutions instead of expensive products
  • Single
    source supplier for independent security consultancy and subject matter expertise
  • Quick
    and effective follow up
  • Fast ROI through initial work recommending
    quick fix, high-impact changes

“We have made significant investments in IT and have
used Commissum to continue provide assurance as we move forward. The relationship
has evolved between Commissum and ASCO Group and we have now committed to a
three year contract. I would have no hesitation in recommending Commissum.”

Titmuss, IT&S Director, ASCO Group

Service Provided

Jim Titmuss, IT&S Director at ASCO explained that he chose Commissum due to their clear methodology and deliverables with a business focus that allowed them to progress quickly and effectively.

Commissum helped ASCO to meet their initial requirements by conducting a holistic information security Gap Analysis. Commissum was able to quickly understand the complex and global nature of ASCO’s operations and assimilate large amounts of data and process it into a high value report that detailed ASCO’s risks. The report needed to provide concise risk management information as well as accurate and detailed technical output for operational staff to use.

Commissum then went further, making recommendations that allowed ASCO to bring their risk profile in line with their organisational risk appetite in a cost effective way. Commissum was able to do this by leveraging its considerable experience working in the oil & gas and engineering sectors to meet the challenge.

The engagement delivered the value ASCO was seeking and ASCO has chosen to cement the relationship by entering into a longer term arrangement with Commissum as its trusted cybersecurity partner.

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