Seamless cloud migration for fintech giant AutoRek


Many of the world’s largest financial institutions rely on AutoRek’s award winning financial controls, data management solutions and services to meet regulatory reporting requirements. AutoRek is implemented in many of the world’s largest organisations, our range of deployments vary from high volume data migrations, elimination of manual processes and spreadsheets, regulatory reporting, reduction in fast close processes, to mitigation of operational and regulatory risk.

Financial services are still the number one target for well-resourced cyber criminals. The integrity, confidentiality and availability of AutoRek’s data services underpins significant amounts of the global financial system. It goes without saying that AutoRek must maintain the highest standards of cyber security as a critical supply chain partner to the asset management, banking and insurance sectors.

AutoRek consistently strive to innovate, which is why they made a strategic decision to migrate its on premise solutions to the cloud. As with any major cloud transformation and migration project, cyber security was paramount. AutoRek needed an expert cloud security partner to ensure that the cloud architecture and end-to-end service was secure, and its clients continued to experience the same high level of security they always have.

As a longstanding technical assurance partner, AutoRek approached Commissum for support to achieve a seamless and secure transition, along with ongoing testing and advisory engagements.

Service provided

Commissum proposed a cloud security assurance plan across a multi-year contract that was agreed by AutoRek’s security stakeholders. The plan included regular testing of the SaaS offering, as well as additional technical security of every new cloud instance, alongside a range of other organisational security activity to protect AutoRek’s clients. 

Additionally, the arrangement facilitated on-demand access to the entire pool of Commissum subject matter experts as a managed service. This meant that AutoRek has been able to seamlessly move its clients to a cloud-first, SaaS delivery model.


Scott Williamson, AutoRek Head of QA and Compliance said “Working with Commissum in this way has meant we are able to deploy new cloud services and provide end-to-end assurance, meaning our client onboarding process is best of class and has resulted in us being able to migrate clients to our SaaS platform much faster. This collaboration allows AutoRek to continue to innovate and focus on its core mission, safe in the knowledge that our client data and cloud environments are deployed and delivered securely. Ultimately, this gives AutoRek competitive advantage by further enhancing its reputation as a trusted service provider within the security critical financial services sector.”

The new cyber services delivery model has allowed Autorek to increase the speed at which it delivers new services and functionality to its clients via its SaaS model delivering better revenues and more satisfied clients.