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Assurance of Strategic Online Presence | International Transport Group

Our client is a leading international transport providers, operating predominantly in North America and Europe. The group is publicly listed and carries over 3 million passengers per day across multiple modes of transport.

Client Requirement and Business Drivers

The client has been operating a variety of transport types and in a number of markets for over 30 years. The client has recognised for some time that information technology is critical to the ongoing, effective operation of their business and to meet customer expectations. In addition, an increasing proportion of the client's sales are made via the Internet, and the Internet is a prime source of information for their customers who use their services.

In recent times the client has made significant investments in technology, internal resource and external supplier provided services in developing and operating their information systems. A strong focus has been put on their online presence as part of their growth strategy.

At board level it was identified that there is a serious risk to the group’s strategy if it is unable to maintain an uninterrupted online presence.

The risks were identified to be:

  • A direct and serious loss of revenue through interruption to the online sales channel which is fundamental to many of the business areas of the group
  • Inability to meet demand if service was degraded resulting in loss of clients to competitors
  • High cost of restoration of service and remedial action in case of interruption
  • Impact on overall long term reputation through customer frustration in a highly competitive market

Immediate remedial action was facilitated by clear reporting and responsive follow-up support and advice.

Services Provided

The client recognised that to ensure continuity of operations, with particular emphasis on the development of the online services, it needed support from an independent expert advisor in the field. They selected Commissum as their preferred partner through a careful selection exercise for the provision of these ongoing assurance services.

Initially Commissum undertook a large scale assessment of the client’s online presence through external application and infrastructure security testing. This identified a number of very serious issues, vindicating the board’s concern and the priority they placed upon this risk. Immediate remedial action was facilitated by clear reporting and responsive follow-up support and advice. The critical issues were mitigated in the short term.

Following the initial assessment the client has decided to completely re-develop its online presence and Commissum has provided advice on how development teams can build security into the development process to ensure minimum re-work and therefore improved ability to meet go-live deadlines. A subsequent re-assessment of the online presence has shown that the client has significantly improved its security through the independent advice provided and the ongoing close working relationship with the Commissum team.

The client continues to call on Commissum for assurance services as their preferred, trusted partner.

Commissum can provide an independent insight to secure your critical assets. To find out more, get in touch.

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