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Mobile Broadband Subscriptions Set to Reach 1 Billion by 2011

Previous research by Strategy Analytics had predicted that the total number of fixed-line broadband connections would reach the 1 billion mark by 2015. Now it has emerged that mobile broadband subscriptions are expected to amount to the same figure this year.

During 2010, mobile subscriptions rocketed to 500,000,000, with that figure threatening to double over the next 12 months. The soaring trend for mobile internet access has been boosted by the growing proliferation of smartphones in the market, particularly within the Asia Pacific Region where web access via mobile phones is especially prominent. Subscriptions in the area are expected to account for some 400 million of the 1 billion total.

Mobile phone internet access has grown dramatically over the past year, with a universal increase recorded internationally, and throughout various industries. It isn't only the growth in mobile phone internet capabilities, but also the introduction of the extensive collection of tablets on the market, as well as the increased usage of laptops and notebooks.

The latest research was published by Telecoms company Ericsson, who also cited the study by TeliSonera in which it was discovered that almost a quarter of the company's LTE customers watch more televised content online now than ever before. Ericsson believes that the 1 billion will not be the peak level for long, with numbers predicted to near the 4 billion mark by 2015.

With the seemingly limitless growth of smartphone usage and mobile broadband connectivity, the matter of mobile security becomes even more significant. The potential for viral attacks and other cyber related crime aimed at the ever-increasing presence of enhanced smartphone technology will no doubt become a major factor over the next few years.

At the moment, some 80% of smartphone owners access the internet via their mobile devices according to research carried out by KPMG. This figure can only rise, and with it comes the rise in threat levels from concerted cyber criminality. It it thought that attacks which have been the bugbear of many PC owners in years gone by will be modified and re-targeted to profit from the unstoppable growth of mobile internet access.

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