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About Us

Integrity. Commitment. Excellence. Three words that mean you receive only the very best service - up to and beyond what we're contracted to do, and always with passion.

We build and maintain lasting relationships with clients, partners, suppliers and stakeholders. We understand the risks of running a business in a connected age.

We've been sharing our knowledge and providing our world-class information security services to a range of businesses and government bodies since our early beginnings in 1985. Our team are established leaders in information assurance and security, and our expertise can be at your disposal.

We're not resellers, nor are we affiliated with any software companies. This means you can trust our independent, impartial advice on any and all security matters.

Seeking assurance so that you can make the most of information technology? Talk to us.


CEO & Founder


Committed Leader, meticulous planner, engineer, lifelong learner and tropical marine life hobbyist.

I’ve led Commissum for the past 15 years and we’ve grown to be one of the most respected organisations in our field. I own the organisation’s vision and strategy and am responsible for day to day operational management of the leadership team. I also have ultimate responsibility to deliver long term value to our clients and shareholders. I’m driven by my passion for leading collaborative teams and guided by my principles of integrity, commitment and excellence in everything I do.


COO & Head of Consulting


Information and cyber security evangelist, speaker, trainer and consultant, globe trotter and dangerous sports participant.

I help people to solve complex information security challenges and facilitate positive organisational and behavioural change at all levels, through a blend of mentoring, training and traditional consultancy. I firmly believe we can make the world a better place by helping every individual and organisation protect the confidentiality, integrity and availability of their information.


Head of Technical & Testing


CREST Registered Security Consultant, specialising in infrastructure & Web Application testing, amateur omniglot and lover of cats, coffee and metal.

I approach testing engagements with the mindset of an attacker; as head of the Commissum testing team I instil this in all our testers, going beyond the traditional scope of a penetration test but stopping short of causing actual damage. In this way, we maximise value for clients, providing them with findings on how their system would respond in a lifelike attack scenario.


Head of Sales & Marketing


Communicator, tech lover, solution finder, positive thinker, bow tie aficionado, marketeer and client satisfaction generator.

Upon completing my physics degree I never wanted to do ridiculously complex maths again. I now get to do a job that challenges me every day and allows me to do what I really love - helping people solve complex cybersecurity issues. In recent years, I’ve built and led successful teams in this sector and gone on to do a post grad in business. At Commissum I’m responsible for sharing our unique message with the world and keeping our clients delighted.

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