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Incident Response
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Connected Cyber Security.

A truly joined up approach to solving information security, governance, risk management, and compliance challenges across technology, people and process.

Security Testing

Identify security vulnerabilities before attackers do. Prioritise remediation by understanding how your applications, systems and people respond to real world attack scenarios. Wherever your data assets are, they need constant protection from an ever-changing threat landscape.

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Comply with regulation, meet best practice, get measurable benefits from security investments. Security policy and process improvements bring confidence to staff, enabling your organisation to succeed in an ever more competitive world.

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Managed Services

Relax. Let us take care of your security so you can focus completely on your business. Our fully managed services will detect, respond and recover from cyber threats fast and take away the challenge of cybersecurity while reducing cost and complexity.

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Training & Mentoring

Turn your biggest risk into your strongest security asset. Empower your people with the knowledge and tools to be cyber aware and recognise & respond to security incidents. Train and mentor your staff to be your cyber leaders of the future.

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Cyber Incident Response

Cyber incidents are a fact of the modern business world. They won’t wait for you to prepare. Be ready; respond immediately.

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Commissum work with businesses and government agencies of all sizes in a variety of highly demanding circumstances, returning real value for security spend by working in collaboration with our clients.


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