Technology Selection

There are a wide range of Information Security products on the market. Selecting and implementing the right solution can be a minefield for an enterprise. The market-leading products may not be compatible with your architecture, or may not be scalable to your organisational infrastructure. The most obviously compatible may not be the best of breed. You will almost certainly have to make compromises, but you need to ensure those compromises are supported by expert advice.

Having selected and procured a product, getting that product to work in your environment will not necessarily be an easy task. As well as integrating and testing the product, you will need supporting operational procedures, training for personnel involved, schedules for maintenance and update. If the product has a monitoring capability you will need to establish procedures for reviewing logs and responding to anomalies and alerts.

Our Approach

The approach taken to delivering the service is to work closely with the client organisation in ensuring the chosen solution is appropriate to their specific requirements. Commissum will:

  • Establish essential requirements and selection criteria
  • Review market and draw up short list
  • Investigate implementation implications of shortlist and advise on procurement decision
  • Establish project plans for implementation, including test schedule
  • Conduct implementation
  • Plan and manage the test program
  • Implementation cut-over
  • Prepare operational procedures
  • Ensure adequate training
  • Review hardware implications
  • Ensure appropriate vendor contracts
  • Review and adjust where necessary

Customer Benefits

Commissum will provide expert guidance on selection of products:

  • Backed by experienced security professionals
  • Best of breed product selection
  • Systems compatibility
  • Chosen product is appropriate to the client’s needs
  • Supporting issues such as procedures and training are properly considered
  • Advice on through life cost of ownership

Get in touch to see how Commissum’s independent expert guidance can help you make the right choice of technology to protect your organisation.