Secure Integration

Security is only as good as the weakest link. It is often the interface between different products, or the way different technologies work together that causes security to break down. It is important to ensure that all the security features and products in a network operate effectively with each other and with the underlying architecture to gain maximum benefit.

Secure integration issues do not stop at technology though. Consideration has to be given to how the overall system integrates with the people and processes within an organisation. Does it fit with the way the organisation does business?

Proper integration of technologies, infrastructure, and the people and processes that surround them is essential to sound security.

Our Approach

Commissum works with the client or 3rd party system integrator to identify business matched security solutions to integration problems. Our security design consultant will:

  • Draw up an inventory of all current security features and products
  • Identify new systems to be integrated
  • Map business processes
  • Produce flow diagrams to indicate trust levels at stages through systems
  • Work with the client to confirm appropriate levels of security are met or otherwise
  • Recommend improvements
  • Work with the integration team to ensure improvements are implemented
  • Conduct security testing if required

Customer Benefits

Taking a total system approach that encompasses the way technology integrates with people and processes, the Commissum design consultant will:

  • Understand the customer’s business environment to ensure that secure solutions are appropriate to need
  • Provide clients with a clear picture of levels of trust at all stages within transaction handling
  • Ensure recommendations balance cost with effective, appropriate security
  • Bring in-depth knowledge of a wide range of technology solutions supported by the Commissum Information Security team

Find out how Commissum’s experts can help ensure cohesiveness between people, processes and technology at your organisation for greater security specific to your needs.