Securing Your Technology

In addressing the security of your critical information assets, you should naturally start with a systematic process of asset identification, risk assessment, control development, etc. This will produce your plan for mitigating, controlling and managing risk to these assets. Part of this will inevitably require you to address the need to secure the technology that comprises your Information Systems or use technology to secure assets.

Commissum has a range of technology focused services that can assist you in this process of Securing Technology. Whether this is ensuring effective use of existing Microsoft Licences, addressing the need to secure remote and mobile access, or lockdown of specific devices or servers, Commissum’s standard or bespoke tailored services can help you to achieve an optimum balance between maximising security and effective use of the technology.

The technology focused services are further enhanced by the confidence we instil in our clients through:

  • our 100% independence – totally objective and vendor agnostic
  • our cross sector coverage that allows cross fertilisation of knowledge, ideas and know-how
  • multiple client and vendor exposure ensures our team keeps up to speed with the latest in technology advancements and new products
  • our pragmatic approach to advice and technology selection and configuration ensuring we deliver recommendations fit for your business purpose