Security Training Seminars

Dive into information security with our security training seminars.

  • Traditional, proven method of delivering training in the area of security, from basic awareness to specific skill development
  • Public seminars or private bespoke training is available
  • Security consultants, technology professionals, and education support personnel combine expertise to deliver quality training that is tailored to an organisation’s needs


An organisation will have a variety of training needs in the area of security, depending on the balance of business priorities versus exposure to risk. At the most basic level, this will certainly involve a minimum level of awareness among employees of the issues, and basic measures to ensure the overall security of people, property, and data. This most basic level is a minimum requirement of any organisation in order to meet its obligations to employees, shareholders and customers, and the demands of corporate governance.

Beyond the basic level of training, there is often the need for more specific training of individuals. This can range from senior management responsibilities, to deeper technical-based training of security professionals who wish to acquire new knowledge or skills, refresh existing skills, or just keep up-to-date with current advances.

Our Approach

Seminar training is the most popular method of fulfilling the wide range of training requirements that exists within an organisation, and remains the most common method of delivering knowledge.

The courses Commissum can offer to organisations include:

  • General security awareness briefings for staff
  • Director level security awareness
  • General IT professional security awareness
  • Information security: legal issues of IT and compliance
  • Information technology security analyst fundamentals
  • System administrator security fundamentals
  • Bespoke seminars on specific technical areas (e.g. Windows, Unix, firewalls, etc.)

Public seminars are available, and private, bespoke seminars can be provided within customer premises, or off-site, as required.

Customer Benefits

Commissum can provide your organisation with a security curriculum and professional development service that is relevant and responsive to your needs. Our professional consultants, technology professionals, and education support personnel combine expertise to deliver quality training tailored to your organisation’s needs, across a variety of information security disciplines. An informal, interactive approach is always encouraged, and all students receive a course pack containing the course material.

Commissum courses are designed to:

  • Engage the learner’s attention
  • Challenge and be goal-based and flexible
  • Involve learning by doing, wherever possible
  • Use case-based learning, using real-world examples and analogies
  • Include feedback - this is essential for motivation

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