Managed Services

Security technology can be complex and time-consuming to implement, operate and monitor. It is easy to miss events that may indicate security breaches. Commissum works with the client to establish appropriate levels of management.

A managed service provides:

  • The chance to relieve your staff from day-to-day specialised and tedious work
  • A pool of high-level expertise
  • Specialised security operators who can evaluate the bigger picture of security events
  • Alerts for high security risks
  • On-call incident response
  • Lower costs, which are spread over the customer community

Managed Services Issues

Security tools and products can be complex and time-consuming to operate and monitor. The task of reviewing logs and reports can be tedious, and it is often easy to miss events that may indicate security breaches or other problems. Your security tools should receive expert attention, but possibly not at the level of a full-time employee.

Many security services can be managed by an experienced third party. Some examples are:

  • User management
  • Password management
  • Firewalls
  • Intrusion detection
  • Anti-virus
  • Change control

Our Approach

Commissum works with the client to establish the appropriate level of management to meet their requirements. The first phase is to define the functional requirement, which could include man-on-the-ground management, or advice on automating existing tools and processes in order to enable the client to improve the management of systems with limited assistance. Establishing a fully managed service involves the following steps:

  • Establish the level of service needed to meet client business and security requirements
  • Estimate the resource requirements for Commissum and client personnel, depending on client requirements
  • Agree a routine reporting schedule
  • Establish, agree and test escalation procedures
  • Draw up and agree service level agreements
  • Draw up confidentiality and responsibility agreements (including rights of inspection and audit)
  • Finalise the contract
  • Operate the service

Customer Benefits

The client benefits from the professional service backed by a Service Level Agreement:

  • Day-to-day specialised and tedious work is removed from the client’s staff
  • A pool of high-level expertise is made available to the client
  • Specialised security operators examine the bigger picture of security events (e.g. DDoS attacks)
  • Security alerts are provided
  • Specialists are on hand to respond to incidents
  • Costs are spread over a community of customers
  • There is no need to recruit expensive security specialists

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