Interim Security Management

Commissum provides an expert interim manager as part of their interim management services.

  • On occasions, organisations have a requirement for a seconded information security manager on a temporary basis
  • Commissum will work with the client to define the skills and capabilities required
  • We will either match skills to a commissum team member, or draw on our extensive security associates network to locate a suitable professional speedily
  • We will provide back-up support from the experienced Commissum information security team
  • We will facilitate a comprehensive managed hand-over, enabling a smooth transition of responsibility at an appropriate time

Interim Security Management Issues

More and more organisations are recognising the need to allocate responsibility for security management. Larger organisations frequently recruit a security professional with dedicated responsibility in this critical role. There are occasions where organisations have a requirement for a seconded information security manager on a temporary basis, for tasks such as the following:

  • To launch a new Information Security Management System
  • To provide specialist experience during technical development
  • To fill in after the sudden departure of the previous manager
  • To assist during significant organisational change
  • To prepare the organisation for security certification or audit
  • To implement significant security improvement following an incident or an adverse auditor’s report
  • Where the organisation wishes to recruit for a newly-created role: to provide time to find the right person while establishing the framework into which that person will step

Through our extensive network of professional associates, we can often help to fill a vacant position with a permanent individual.

Interim Security Management Approach

Commissum will work with the client to define the skills and capabilities required. Depending on the requirements, we’ll  match these either to one of the Commissum team, or will draw on recruitment and contractor placement techniques to locate a suitable candidate from our extensive network of professional security associates. Commissum has established this network as part of our extended team of known and trusted professionals.

Commissum provides back-up support to the appointee, making available an extensive pool of relevant information security knowledge and expertise available to the client. Regular relationship meetings will be held with the client, to ensure the secondment is providing the required benefits.

A comprehensive and managed hand-over is conducted, enabling identified permanent staff to take over responsibility smoothly at the appropriate time.

Customer Benefits

We can quickly supply a qualified and capable candidate as an interim manager to suit the client’s needs. The expertise and knowledge of Commissum’s team will be made available through the candidate. As a result, the client receives specific skills and experience required during a period of high demand.

After the assignment, the pool of knowledge remains available to the client as required, thus guaranteeing continuity.

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