Managing Risk & Security

Any projects in the information security world are effectively implementations of point controls or solutions – replacement firewalls, remote access, web filtering, penetration test, and ISO 27001 certification. Shortly after completion these frequently receive no further attention.

However, efforts to protect corporate assets will fail if conducted as a series of one-off projects. Threats will change, new vulnerabilities are discovered, employees leave and join, business evolves, assets change, legislation and regulations are re-written and technology offers innovative solutions that improve business efficiency.

All these scenarios impact your organisation’s security posture. Each of your point controls or projects needs ongoing oversight and management, as well as research across industry to ensure your risk mitigation measures are not undermined.

Commissum managed services are designed for ease of ongoing management. By leveraging our consultants across a number of industry sectors and clients, helped by internal cross-team assistance and our research programme, we can offer a much richer understanding of the remit than can many internal departments and with a single focus. This efficiency means we can offer very cost-effective services, often demonstrating cost savings or greater understanding and knowledge, compared to internal teams.

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