Cyber Security 2014

Two of the Commissum team attended the Cyber Security 2014 “The Threats and The Opportunities” on 6th February 2014; Senior Consultant Jay George, and Sales Manager Mark Pittman. The event was held at Gogarburn Conference Centre at RBS World Headquarters in Edinburgh.

The event was well attended; the main thrust was around the national concerns about cyber security in the UK now being greater than ever.  With this in mind and cyber- attacks increasing at an exponential rate, it is vital we understand how to protect ourselves and businesses.

A particular area of interest was discussion around the Supply Chain.  Think of businesses being part of a “Digital Community” with Supply Chain being interconnected.  Customers hold significant information important to suppliers and other third parties, and these third parties in turn hold significant information on the customers.  To become a preferred supplier to an organisation, there are often strict criteria to be met, along with the sharing of information around potential future products and services.  For many organisations becoming a preferred supplier can be a long and intensive process.

Based on this fact, organisations are very protective about their business and very sensitive about supplying confidential information and protecting their intellectual property.  Interestingly during one of the presentations on the day we saw manufactured “copies” of some cars which included a Rolls Royce Phantom and a Smart car, both of which are produced and for sale overseas.  Which asks the question – how were the design details of these cars obtained?

The Supply Chain is extensive in the modern business world.  As mentioned it can hold very sensitive and interesting information, which can be of significant value to others.  Nowadays with competition being fierce it is vital suppliers and their customers understand how to protect their organisations.  Cyber criminals can be very highly motivated, well-funded and remain very focused on their goals.  It is not just the depth of sophistication they can deploy, but the frequency, speed and methods of attack they utilise which are of significant concern.

Cyber Security 2014 was an ideal platform to stimulate “flexible thinking” around the real and ongoing issues of Cyber Security with the Supply Chain focus providing an insight into the issues faced by suppliers and their customers alike.