Commissum Press Release – Award-Winning Graduate Caius Gurgu Joins Commissum

Commissum Press Release – Award-Winning Graduate Caius Gurgu Joins Commissum

12th July, 2016

46 Shore


Edinburgh, Midlothian
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Caius joins Commissum’s ever growing cyber security technical team as a Security Analyst. He will be working on Commissum’s innovative range of cyber security testing and managed services as well as conducting security research & development at Commissum’s new HQ in Edinburgh.

Caius graduated from Edinburgh University’s Computer Science and Mathematics joint honours course in 2013, and, prior to joining Commissum, was involved in establishing a startup, At SpaceSurfer3D he explored applications of state-of-the-art 3D camera technology, creating innovative new programmes, including prototype applications for Intel’s RealSense challenge in 2015. Caius has won prizes for his work with technology globally and attended the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona to showcase his applications. Cauis now brings his entrepreneurial spirit and creativity to Commissum.

Caius was first drawn to a career in cybersecurity whilst at high school, where a teacher posited to him that it was impossible to hack his email. Caius took this as a challenge, and to prove the point that nothing online can be 100% safe from cyber-attacks, and with his teacher’s and the school’s permission, demonstrated exactly how to compromise the email account and provided tips on how to secure it. The unique challenge of securing online assets and maintaining that security enthralled Caius, and set him on the career path he’s chosen.

His experience both at university and out with his studies puts Caius in an ideal position to become an integral part of the Commissum’s service delivery team. His willingness to learn has served him well and he had this to offer: “There’s been so much to learn since I joined, I’ve barely stopped. I love learning new skills and enriching ones I already have, and there’s boundless opportunity for personal growth at Commissum. I’m looking forward to putting what I’ve learned into practice representing Commissum on a daily basis.”

Having joined Commissum, Caius is keen to launch into a career he is passionate about. He enthused: “My main goal is to become an expert in the field of cybersecurity, and Commissum is simply the best place to work to grow my knowledge and experience.”

Commissum CEO, Martin Finch, welcomed Caius’ appointment. “Caius has joined Commissum at a very special time, and we’re extremely happy to have his skills on board. We’ve seen an increase in interest in our consultancy and testing services of late, so his input will be essential in the continued growth of Commissum.” ENDS.

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