Commissum Delivering Cyber Essentials Services

Commissum Delivering Cyber Essentials Services

Following the 10 Steps to Cyber Security guide that was launched by the Department for Business, Innovation & Skills (BIS) in 2012, the UK Government, together with BIS and industry bodies, has taken the initiative to review cyber security standards to produce a new framework that is appropriate to all businesses. The Cyber Essentials Scheme has just been announced by the Government, and leading information security company Commissum has launched services to support this, to assist organisations in achieving accreditation.

Commissum is a member of CREST, the organisation responsible for the framework for assessing and certifying compliance to the Cyber Essentials Scheme, and is proud to provide assistance under the new framework from its inception.

Commissum offers support for the new Cyber Essentials Scheme designed around assisting organisations of all sizes willing to start investing in their security position and achieve formal accreditation. Commissum is one of only a handful of companies to be approved to accredit an organisation based on the Scheme. This new range of services allows a company to establish a solid foundation in their practices that is both compliant with the standard and allows further development of risk management, assurance and security controls.

Our expertise will help organisations of all sizes in tightening up their security in face of the ever increasing rise of cyber crime. As Jay George, senior consultant at Commissum, acknowledges,

It has become a fact of doing business that all organisations, regardless of their size, are constantly under the threat of cyber attacks. With record levels of security breaches reported, implementing the controls recommended in the Cyber Essentials Scheme will assist organisations to mitigate the most common successful attacks.

The Cyber Essentials Scheme allows companies of all sizes, from the smallest SMEs to the largest corporations, to institute a formal foundation for good security practices and obtain a recognised accreditation on which they can build. Commissum is well placed to help organisations assess and certify their efforts to improve their cyber defences and further develop their resiliency in the face of the modern threat landscape. Martin Finch, CEO at Commissum, said,

We fully support this scheme; now there is a formalised but pragmatic approach that everyone can adopt, and as they grow, adapt and evolve to meet the ever changing security challenges posed by the connected world.

The new formal certification can be used organisations to carefully select vendors and partners that take security seriously, to ensure that the supply chain is adequately protected from being the weakest link in an organisation’s security practices. By meeting the requirements of the Scheme, a company can prove that it has defences in place against common threats. Also, starting from 1st of October 2014, the UK Government will require all suppliers bidding for contracts handling certain personal or sensitive information to be accredited against the Cyber Essentials Scheme.