Commissum and Friends at the Rugby World Cup Opener

Commissum and Friends at the Rugby World Cup Opener

We think it’s safe to say Rugby fever has certainly been caught by the nation, and Commissum is no exception! For our first home RWC in many years Commissum and friends rolled into Twickenham for the historic and epic opener. It was an excellent match with England taking the win 35-11 over highly improved Fiji and the bonus point too.

102 nations have entered the tournament this year, the most ever and approximately 772 million households will be able to watch a broadcast. Good news for Germany and China – their residents have seen a live broadcast for the first time. According to the global governing body World Rugby, approximately half a million fans are expected to visit England and Wales between 18th September and 31st October 2015.

Martin Finch (far left), Rugby lover and CEO here at Commissum was accompanied by a few friends for the match. Commissum CEO, Martin Finch CEO Commissum, cybersecurity experts uk, IT security experts uk, consultancy, application testing uk, penetration testing UK

On a more serious note, Rugby, like cyber security is a game of skill, tactics and strength where every member of the team has an absolutely crucial part to play. Unlike football where a team can lose an outfield player or two and still function, every player in a Rugby team has a very specific job to do in every offensive and defensive play. Take one out and the whole team suffers. The England game was a great example. England had a nervy start and were not scoring highly until Fiji player Matawalu committed a more serious foul and was sent off for 10 minutes. Like any threat actor England rapidly used the small but penetrable weakness created in Fiji’s defences to score highly and punish the individual error heavily. A single mistake from one individual was key in Fiji losing the game. Like the defences of an organisation every individual has their part to play and everyone must be working toward the same goals for security to be effective. Another key deciding factor in Fiji’s loss was cumulative problems. Rugby has a unique system of punishing small errors through the penalty system, basically awarding three points or even penalty tries (5 points or 7 if converted) for even the slightest infringement of the rules. Fiji, gave away 16 points in this way. Small penalties if unchecked and not fixed soon mount up and before you know it the problem is a massive one, maybe insurmountable as it became for Fiji. The analogy here is auditing, logging and monitoring minor but recurring issues and dealing with them before they become major issues. If you’re seeing the same problem and treating the symptoms without investigating the underlying cause it is probably going to end up costing you far more in the long run. As Fiji found out last Friday.

Even if you are not a fan of Rugby you can translate so much of what happens in elite sport to business, and a specific business area, in our case Cyber Security. Listening to coaches and players interviews after games is a great insight into how they prepared, played and dynamically changed their game plan to suit the changing requirements and needs of the specific game and opponent they were playing. Some key points such as achieving marginal gains for maximum effectiveness, playing as a team, following the manager’s plan, general outstanding planning and preparation, having a plan B, C and even D and making swift and decisive changes when things aren’t going right are all great things to translate over to business security. Commissum’s core values are Integrity, Commitment, and Excellence – three values and behaviours that would be welcome in any elite sports team. We’re constantly striving to be the best we can be for each other and our clients.

Finally, we hope you all enjoy the Rugby World Cup, whether you’re now rooting for underdogs Japan after their historic win over South Africa, one of our home nations or any of the other great teams involved we hope you enjoy it and get into the spirit of the game. We’re big rugby fans here at Commissum and will be attending a few more games over the coming weeks so keep your eyes peeled for pictures and posts!