Is your cyber security framework fit for purpose?

Is your cyber security framework fit for purpose?

Is your cyber security framework fit for purpose?

When we ask organisations about cyber security frameworks, responses vary from ‘we’ve implemented one already’ to ‘we know we need one but don’t know where to start’. Many, overwhelmed by the range of approaches available, just hope their information security headaches will … |More

Threat Status

Threat Status

Every once in a while, we need to stop for a moment and look at where we are, to analyse and understand our current situation in order to better face the uncertainties ahead. The more angles we consider during our analysis, the better the overall picture we will have when … |More

Ten Issues To Consider With Mobile Device Security

Mobile devices are more and more compact and powerful, and we are becoming dependent upon them in both our personal and business lives.

In the business world they have revolutionised working practice. We carry our information with us and expect to be connected everywhere. However the attributes of compactness functionality, … |More

Are You Prepared for Penetration Testing?

5 things you should take into account in preparing for a penetration test

If you are adopting a best practice approach to security, and as part of this you are looking to engage an independent specialist company to conduct penetration testing; the following are some important points to consider.

  1. Define

Are You Technically Prepared for Penetration Testing?

Penetration Testing Preparation – Check the Basics Yourself

5 areas you can check yourself before the penetration test starts to maximise your return on the investment you make

When preparing to engage an independent specialist security testing company to undertake a penetration test on your network and systems, you will … |More

Personal First Impressions From a New Commissum Team Member

Mark Pittman, Commissum

I’ve worked in the technology sector since 1988. The one constant during my career has been change within technology, particularly how it is used. Businesses and individuals now use technology on a daily basis. Technology is an enabler, however, with the use of technology brings increased risk. … |More

Shodan: The Search Engine That Ventures Where Google Fears to Tread

Everyone’s familiar with Google. It’s the world’s foremost Internet search engine, allowing users to search through unimaginably many web pages in just a few seconds. It brings together in a happy meeting the users who want to find something, and the webmasters who want their site to be found. It’s … |More

Commissum Issues Advice on Link-Camouflaging Javascript Exploit

A recently-discovered web exploit that can redirect users to malicious “phishing” pages has made it harder to stay safe when browsing the web, warns information security company Commissum.

Recently, a disturbing new exploit was discovered by Bilawal Hameed, a nineteen-year-old developer and entrepreneur. He found that a relatively straightforward use … |More