Case Studies

Commissum has worked with businesses and government agencies of all sizes in a variety of highly demanding circumstances and we’ve consistently demonstrated an ability to deliver expert, independent assurance services with characteristic flexibility and high levels of quality.

This page provides access to selected case studies that illustrate the type of work that Commissum is typically engaged to deliver. If you would like to know more about the case studies described here, to find out more about our information security expertise, range of services or to speak to a consultant today Contact us or please call 0330 223 0709.

  • Information Assurance for Online Banking
    International Retail Bank

    The Client The client is the European Division of one of the world’s largest retail banks. Client Requirement and Business Drivers As part of their European development strategy the bank had an objective to establish a new state of the art Internet Banking System. At the earliest stages of the project, security assurance was naturally identified […]
  • Annual Test Programme & Security Partnership
    Global Legal Firm

    The Client Our client is a specialist global legal firm with offices in Europe, the Far East and the Americas. They provide a full range of legal services to their clients in their specific field of specialism. Client Requirement and Business Drivers In the early stages of our client’s rapid expansion, they recognised the importance […]
  • CLAS Services for Accreditation
    Government Agency

    The Client The agency is part of a major Whitehall department that works to prevent loss of life and improve safety in its area of responsibility. Client Requirement and Business Drivers As a consequence of the Gershon review findings the Whitehall department implemented a Shared Services Centre in order to reduce operational costs across the […]
  • Secure Application Development Training
    Global Investment Bank

    The Client The client is one of the world’s largest investment banks with application development teams located globally. Client Requirement and Business Drivers The main driver for the requirement for training of the software development community was the recognition that: It is a fact that the majority of security vulnerabilities are found in the application […]
  • Asset Tracking System Project Assurance
    Oil & Gas Industry Joint venture

    The Client This was a flagship collaborative project to provide a web based asset tracking system that all members of the consortium and their suppliers would use to arrange and monitor transportation and location of assets (including people) on a global basis. Client Requirement and Business Drivers The system was required to provide a variety […]
  • Assurance of Strategic Online Presence
    International Transport Group

    The Client Our client is a leading international transport providers, operating predominantly in North America and Europe. The group is publicly listed and carries over 3 million passengers per day across multiple modes of transport. Client Requirement and Business Drivers The client has been operating a variety of transport types and in a number of […]
  • Active Directory & ISO 27001/27002 Gap Analysis
    Engineering & Manufacturing Company

    The Client The client is a manufacturer of specialist material for the packaging, overwrap, and labels markets. Its customers include some of the best-known global brands. It has production sites across the world, and a global sales network. Client Requirement and Business Drivers The client had recently experienced three security incidents, and was aware of […]
  • Government Data Handling, BCP & ISO 27000
    Government Education and Training

    The Client Government – education and training body. This government body provides careers advice and guidance plus the provision of training development. Client Requirement and Business Drivers As a consequence of the Whitehall data handling review following the HMRC data loss, new mandatory data handling requirements were defined for government bodies. Data handling is: the […]
  • Application Service Provider Due Diligence
    Investor Consortium

    The Client Commissum, acting on behalf of a syndicate of investors that included two global banks, was engaged to undertake an Information Security audit as part of the technical due diligence of a potential target for significant investment. A satisfactory outcome was one of the mandated prerequisites to securing the additional funding. Client Requirement and […]
  • Project Assurance for Fund Raising Campaigns
    National Charity

    The Client Our client is one of the largest research and awareness charities and the world’s largest in their field.  They raise funding and campaign to shape and establish policy for health related research. Client Requirement and Business Drivers The client’s fund raising activities, events and campaigns raise hundreds of millions of pounds every year […]
  • Business Continuity Exercise
    Government Agency

    The Client Our client is a national government agency responsible for compiling and maintaining large quantities of public data, ensuring its integrity and ready availability for access by the public and key government and private bodies. Client Requirement and Business Drivers Key to this agency’s current and future service delivery is the growth in electronic […]
  • Strategic Security Review
    Professional Institute

    The Client The Institute acts as the country’s governing body for a distinguished professional services sector and as such its reputation for information assurance and service delivery is always under public scrutiny. Client Requirement and Business Drivers As the Institute continues to increase its reliance upon IT to deliver an expanding set of services in […]
  • Mobile Commerce Delivery Platform Assurance
    Leading Telecoms Operator Consortium

    Our Client Our client is a leader in the delivery of m-commerce services, formed as a consortium of the largest mobile operators in the world. Client Requirement and Business Drivers Our client has set up a state of the art mobile commerce infrastructure that supports a variety of services to millions of customers.  These services […]
  • Security Programme Implementation
    National Engineering Group

    The Client Commissum’s client is a major UK national engineering group. Client Requirement and Business Drivers The company had seen strong growth over the previous ten years; achieved though a combination of acquisition and organic expansion. The board was aware that they had reached a stage where they had a substantial information asset base that […]