Commissum Values and Aspirations

Our Values

Commissum is underpinned by the core values to which we hold. These values of integrity, commitment, and excellence guide our day-to-day work, and form the foundation of the long-term trusted relationships we build with our clients, suppliers and partners.


We insist on high levels of integrity in the way we do business, and in our dealings with our clients, employees, suppliers and shareholders. We have a commitment to developing sustainable relationships of trust and confidence with our stakeholders.


We have a strong commitment to our values, which entails going beyond what we have contracted to do, to satisfy, surprise and delight our clients. We do what we say we will do and even more, with passion. Our commitment to our values underlines and strengthens our relationships, both internally and externally.


From the very start we have always had a passion to strive for excellence in all aspects of our business: the quality of what we deliver, the development of our people, and the conduct of our business. We aim to be constantly the best we can be – and always with passion – and this is what you can expect from us as standard.

Our Vision & Mission

At Commissum we have always been very clear about our mission and the long-term vision we have for the company.

Our vision

To build an international network of companies under the Commissum brand that will deliver world-leading information assurance services, translated through our core values of integrity, commitment and excellence into value for our clients, shareholders, employees and partners.

Our mission

To ensure that our clients are able to understand and manage the risks to their information assets, enabling them fully to exploit the opportunities of the rapidly expanding and evolving networked world.