Our Company – Commissum Information Security

Information Assurance and Security Services

Commissum is a European company one hundred percent focused on the provision of information assurance and security services. Our team has been providing these services to a broad cross-section of business and government for over twenty years.

These organisations include financial institutions, government agencies, retail corporations, manufacturing businesses, and professional service practices (such as law firms).  In short, they include almost any type of organisation that has sought to leverage value from modern networked communication and information systems.

What these organisations have in common is recognition of the need to protect their tangible and intangible assets through robust security.  This is not merely a reaction to the very real risk of direct exposure to fraud, theft of intellectual property, exposure of commercially sensitive information, “cyber-vandalism,” etc. It is also a recognition of two other important factors, namely:

  • The need for speedy and agile exploitation of business opportunities and advances in technology; this can only be done when an organisation understands its real risks and has confidence in its ability to address them
  • The direct potential liability of company management through corporate governance requirements and legislation (e.g. Data Protection Act, Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act, Turnbull, etc.)

As a specialist Information Security company, Commissum understands the commercial and technological implications of the modern networked world, its risks, and the resulting balance of business opportunity versus exposure.

The Commissum team is well placed to offer the level of experience and expertise needed to assist in meeting the legal and commercial responsibilities demanded of company management in this environment.