About Us

Information Security Services

Commissum is a company that specialises in the provision of world-class information security services to a broad cross-section of businesses and government bodies. Our team has established a reputation for being leaders in the field of information assurance and security, from their early beginnings in 1985 to the present day.

Commissum fully understands the business and technological implications of the modern networked world, its risks, and the resulting balance of opportunity versus exposure. The Commissum team has the knowledge and essential experience needed to ensure our clients can confidently take advantage of these opportunities while meeting the legal, commercial and corporate governance responsibilities demanded of company management today.

The combination of our expertise and impartiality through true independence ensures that we are ideally placed to assist our clients in safely and securely leveraging the competitive advantages of information systems, while protecting their tangible and intangible assets. We deliver relevant, service-focused advice, backed up by our core values of integrity, commitment and excellence.

We believe in building, and committing ourselves to maintaining, lasting relationships with our clients and partners. This commitment underpins your confidence in the security measures we help you establish now, with the knowledge that we will be there to support you as you evolve and grow.